Curriculum review: Is there now too little mention of Hitler?


Not an opinion piece or whopping great big editorial. Just a simple question: Is there now too little mention of Hitler? (Or the Nazi regime)




I’ve been intrigued by colleagues responses to the curriculum shake up. I’ve not really made my own mind up about changes at any level yet. BUT I have reflected on age old critiques that said too much Henry and Hitler and looked at the new KS3 and examination specifications and thought… hang on… where’s the nasty guys….

So whilst on this site it’s clearly a question about Adolf, my own query is more general. What of the other ‘Great’ Powers? Where are the ‘Greats’ and the not so ‘greats’ of European and / or World History. I don’t see many…

Is that such a bad thing? Is it a foolhardy mistake? Are WE being indoctrinated? Is teaching British history the be all and end all?

Over to you…