Example of Dada Movement artwork, by Hausmann circa 1920

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Weimar Germany

Artwork of the Weimar Era. During the Weimar era artwork and popular culture flourish and then was demonised. A look at different art movements and the way that they developed and died or flourished over the course of the Weimar Government is an interesting way of looking at the changes in German Society at the time. 

Alpha History provides a really good overview of the way in which art grew and flourished in Weimar Germany. Ends with a nice summary of the key points.

Wikipedia has a few pages of relevance that include links to relevant files in Wikimedia. For example, thjs page on Weimar Culture, this one on Artwork just before the advent of the Third Reich and this one on the Bauhaus Movement.

Example of Dada Movement artwork, by Hausmann circa 1920
Example of Dada Movement artwork, by Hausmann circa 1920

News Weekly, an Australian publication, has a good article about the art movements of the Weimar period.

Without wanting to blow our own trumpet – too much – we have resources / articles on the Dada Movement and Degenerate Art that have proved quite popular with visitors looking for resourfes on artwork of the Weimar Era.

The video below provides a good introduction to art and Culture of the Weimar period:


George Grosz was a leading artist of the period. This site outlines his key ideas and works.

And finally, the Met museum has a collection of Bahaus pieces. The website provides a sound outline of the movements History as well as hosting a good slideshow showing a range of Bahaus pieces.