Gustav Stresemann

7 Sites to use when teaching about Gustav Stresemann


Gustav Stresemann was one of Weimar Germany’s most important politicians. He held several positions in a variety of coalition governments and was Foreign Minister as Germany began her reintegration into European and Worldwide politics.


Gustav Stresemann
Seven sites to use when teaching about Stresemann:

  •¬†an excellent article, originally written for History Today. An excellent starting point when refreshing your knowledge of Stresemann.
  • The Einstein archives hosts an obituary of Gustav Stresemann. Its a very balanced piece, outlining not only his considerable achivements but also considering criticisms of Stresemann and his policies.
  • This video, hosted on YouTube, provides a good overview of Gustav Stresemann’s Foreign Policy:

  • The British Pathe website hosts a number of clips that include Stresemann.
  • TES Resources host some good activities, presentations and worksheets about Stresemann. The one I’ve linked to here is one of my favourites. It is a problem solving exercise that really gets pupils thinking.
  • has a nice unit on Stresemann that combines basic background information with a few activities for pupils to do.
  • This website looks at the Parliamentary aspects of Stresemann’s political role and the issues that he and the republic faced.

I’m sure there are plenty of other gems out their about Stresemann, his policies and the politics of the Weimar Republic at the time. Feel free to add your suggestions as comments.

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