This site is designed to provide resources, thoughts and articles for teachers and pupils following a History course in Weimar or Nazi Germany. Posts will be added on a daily basis and will cover a wide range of issues relating to the period, so long as they are relevant to one of the exam board specifications.

The site is maintained by Dan Moorhouse. I taught full time in a variety of schools across the North of England from 1997 to 2010. Since then I have been working as a freelance consultant, author and Education Project Manager. Throughout my teaching career I taught units on Weimar and Nazi Germany to GCSE and A-Level. I served on the Historical Association’s Secondary Committee for a number of years, am a regular workshop leader at the annual SHP Conference in Leeds and have written for numerous Educational providers.

I don’t have any particular plan for what will appear on the site on any given day. Many will be topical, based on anniversaries or things that have been noted in the news. Other posts, I expect, will be relating to things I want to find out more about. I intend the site to combine short narratives with reviews, links and resources. Hopefully these will be easy enough for users to find via the Categories, Tag Cloud and site search – if not, I’m sure a plan B can be worked out!

I am happy to cover areas that are requested. Indeed, knowing what users want to read about, think is ‘missing’ from existing online materials or simply want a thought or opinion on will help to ensure the site is relevant to people other than myself. Please send any queries, suggestions, resources or simple pleas for help to me via the contact form.

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