Berthold Beitz

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Berthold Beitz was a German Industrialist who, after the war, ran the Krupp organisation. During the Second World War his actions led to the lives of several hundred Jews being saved. He was awarded the ‘Righteous amongst gentiles’ title by Yad Yashem for his role in saving lives. Beitz died in July 2013.



I can’t say I’d ever heard of Beitz until I stumbled across an article about him recently. It’s a fascinating life story that is quite reminiscent of the Schindler story in many ways.

During the war, Beitz was assigned to the oil fields in the Ukraine to oversee and manage production. In this role he was able to identify key workers and use his influence over Nazi Officials to ensure that the Jews amongst his workers were protected due to the war effort. He also enabled Jews to gain fake identification papers in order to save themselves and hid Jews in his family home. Despite his efforts to help the Jews being investigated by the Gestapo, he was able to continue doing this until he was drafted into the army in 1943. It is estimated that Beitz helped 800 Jews to escape transportation to the death camps.

There is an obituary for Berthold Beitz on the Washington Post website.

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