History File: Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany, Weimar Germany

History File: Nazi Germany is one of the best known broadcast series about the rise and rule of Hitler and the Nazi Party. First broadcast by the BBC it is an acclaimed and award winning resource that is of great use in the classroom. Produced by Andrew Chater, now of Timelines.tv the series has been digitised and selected, classroom friendly, clips uploaded to the Timelines.tv youtube channel.

Whilst this is not particularly ‘hot off the press’ news, it’s worth pointing people at the playlist – people asking for copies of the series is regular via our sites and on teachers forums!

The full playlist of Andrew’s selections is embedded below.

Also of interest will Andrew’s clips for other topics. These are organised thematically on his website, timelines.tv, and even include one or two of our ideas in the Medicine section!

The BBC have also developed a series of resources based on clips from the History File: Nazi Germany series. These are supported by notes, teaching ideas and links to related BBC resources. The BBC resources can be accessed here.