Interactive Timeline of Nazi Germany

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A fantastic Interactive Timeline of Nazi Germany is available via the timelines.tv website. Featuring footage from their award winning documentary about Nazi Germany (often known as the Geordie Nazi’s) this site is an excellent resource to use and refer to in lessons. 



Timelines.tv is the website of Andrew Chater and Paul Trainor. The site utilises films created by their production company to provide video rich timelines of a number of historical eras.

The Nazi Germany timeline uses footage from the extremely well known 1996 series, History File: Nazi Germany. As creators of the series Andrew and Paul have been able to identify ideal segments of footage that relate to specific themes and events. On the site they identify 5 key areas that footage relates to. This makes the timeline useful in several ways and helps pupils to visualise events in relation to these – for example, there is a sequence of clips relating to the Rise of Hitler, or alternatively clips relating to resistance to Hitler.

I will confess to being very bias towards recommending the resources on this site – I helped out a bit with the equally useful Smallpox Through Time resources. However despite that bias, I think you’ll agree that the resources are very handy to have available in this format.