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The Munich Putsch

Weimar Germany

The Munich Putsch of 1923 saw Hitler and the Nazi party gain National notoriety for the first time. The Munich Putsch itself was relatively short lived, however its consequences were far reaching. Here are a selection of resources that are useful when teaching or learning about the Munich Putsch.

This video is a useful introduction to the Munich Putsch. Also worth looking at is the relevant scene from the Rise of Evil, widely available on video sharing websites.

There are a number of ready made lesson packs available online that are a very good starting point for planning a lesson on the Munich Putsch.

Dan Lyndon has a very good activity that can be differentiated easily through use of supporting materials such as appropriate source material etc. Using an accessible overview of the events, his task builds knowledge gradually before asking pupils to undertake a speech writing activity. Again, this is quite easily differentiated through use of writing frames or more challenging supporting documents. His resource can be found here (pdf file).

WJEC host a bank of resources and accompanying lesson plan to support delivery of lessons on the Munich Putsch. Obviously this is aimed at the objectives of their syllabus but the materials are very useful and should be of use for other boards / specifications. Their resources can be found on this page.

For a ‘bell task’ or quick fire quiz try the activities on History on the Net. Simple but effective as revision materials.

For further information about the Munich Putsch visit this page of our sister site.

beer hall putsch