Bomb Damage in Belgrade, April 6/7th 1941

Nazi Invasion of Yugoslavia – 6th April 1941


On this day in 1941 Axis forces, led by the Wehrmacht launched an invasion of Yugoslavia. Without any declaration of war forces from the German, Italian, Bulgarian and Hungarian armies surged into Yugoslavia.

The Invasion was ordered on 27th March by Hitler It was a direct response to the coup d’etat by Nationalists. This was seen to immediately change the Yugoslavian relationship with the Axis and ultimately plunged the country into the midst of the Second World War: Something the previous government had sought desperately to avoid.


The war was short, as one might expect given the disparity between the two forces. An armistice was signed on April 17th with unconditional surrender forced upon the Yugoslavs.

Key moments in the short lived war:

The Yugoslav airforce successfully launched a series of bombing missions into Italy and Hungary. This infuriated Hitler who ordered the Yugoslav capital, Belgrade, to be bombed in retaliation.

Bomb Damage in Belgrade, April 6/7th 1941
Bomb Damage in Belgrade, April 6/7th 1941

Attempts were made by Britain to support Yugoslav defences and the Tugoslav airforce put up fierce resistance. It was too no avail though.

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