Revise Nazi Germany for GCSE History

Nazi Germany, Weimar Germany

Revision Tips and Guides for Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany is included in many GCSE courses that are being examined this summer. Hopefully pupils who which paper and the date of any such exam – ask a teacher quickly if you don’t!

Below are links to useful online revision sites, teachers tips and videos that cover some of the key points.

Note: Each specification has different key questions and areas of content. Pupils should always refer to materials that their own History teacher has provided to ensure that revision is relevant to the demands of their own examination.

Revise Weimar and Nazi Germany using the links and activities on

Revision Diagrams, Quizzes and recommended links from

Notes and key points from John D Clare

Revision Guide (PDF) from Holmewood School

Revision Video studying Nazi Germany (Edexcel Modern World Course)

Revision Mind Maps for Germany

Revision activities from the Education Forum

Revision Test (at bottom of the page) from Hodder Murray

Google Books hosts a digital preview of a Hodder Murray revision book for SHP.

BBC Bitesize