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The Weimar Studies Network is an International platform in which scholars and academics can share their research, debate issues, find out about forthcoming events and network with other historians of the period. 



The site is quite clearly aimed at academic study and scholars at a level a little higher than those that this site is usually pitched at. However, the site has plenty on it that is of use to teachers and Advanced Level students.

The regular updates on the site and uploading of recent academic articles are a great way of keeping up to date with the latest research and interpretations of the period. For teachers these could prove invaluable and for students wanting to stretch themselves and develop a wider understanding the articles are well worth a read.

The site is also very handy as a place to go for source material. The resources section contains copies of a number of original documents and the main resources page lists numerous sites that contain accurate and relevant information relating to the period.

This includes accurate election results, economic data and all sorts of material about German culture at the time.

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