5 Top sites to find Primary Documents about Weimar Germany

Weimar Germany

Locating useful and relevant sources for any topic can be time consuming and frustrating. Teachers of Weimar Germany might find the following list of use as a bit of a time saver. Please add any recommended sites that I’ve omitted as comments – the more the merrier!



In no particular order:

  1. The German Propaganda Archive. Whilst not limited to Weimar Germany and more often than not related only to the rise of the Nazi Party this archive has a wealth of materials relevant to a study of Weimar Germany.
  2. Alpha History. A large collection of documents about a wide range of issues relating to the History of Weimar Germany. ┬áCovers the formation of the republic, various uprisings, the ‘Golden Age’ and the rise of extremism. The site promises to be updated regularly, so worth returning to.
  3. German History in Documents and Images. A fantastic collection of sources covering the period 1500 to the present day. For the Weimar period there are 13 themes with documents and 14 that have images attached. Some very handy resources here!
  4. The Weimar Studies Network has a long list of sites that contain documents, images and articles relating to all aspects of the history of the Weimar Republic. Some of the articles would be of use for A-Level students, as well as useful reading for teachers.
  5. The Spartacus Encyclopaedia provides a narrative for many aspects of life in Weimar Germany. The vast majority of these narratives are followed by source material that is ideal for use with GCSE and A-Level students.

I’m sure that is only the tip of the iceberg! Please comment with any suitable recommendations!



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