Hitler Satirical Cartoon

Der Fuhrer Privat


Der Fuhrer Privat is a German Language comic book written by Achim Grese. The cartoons, first published in 2000, are satirical. However the subject matter of some of the cartoons has drawn criticism due to the subject matter chosen for some of the drawings. 

Hitler Satirical Cartoon
“… and I’m the Emperor of China. Travelling without a ticket will cost you 60 marks. Final.”

The cartoons in Der Fuhrer Privat cover a range of topics and issues. They are intended to poke fun at Hitler and as such could be used as Interpretations of his policies and methods in some areas. Some of the cartoons don’t strike me as being funny though and the word caution springs to mind if they’re likely to be shown to pupils. The Final Solution, for example, is the topic of one of the cartoons: hardly what I’d consider an appropriate topic for humour.

Anyway, the cartoons are out there for all to see… Would you use this sort of source in a lesson?



Link: Image versions of the cartoons

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