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Facing History is an organisation that  aims to tackle discrimination and intolerance through effective education and teaching. Their unit on Weimar Germany is an excellent resource for teachers and students wanting to further their knowledge or Weimar Germany. 

Facing History


The Facing History: Weimar Germany website has a dedicated Unit relating to Weimar Germany. Within the unit there is an excellent Interactive Time that covers all of the major events of the Weimar Republic; A selection of Readings about teaching the topic; A Collection of Primary Sources; Biographies of Personalities of the era and a selection of Teaching tips and suggestions for using the site.

What’s so good about this website?

The lessons on  The Weimar Republic: Historical Context and Decision-Making (pdf file, opens in a new window) is a fantastic introduction to the period. Pupils ought to be able to relate to the carefully chosen examples which provide a nice touch of the way that ordinary people lived during the period.

Likewise the Interactive Timeline is a handy tool to use when reenforcing chronological awareness and is a simple but effective way of providing pupils with the big picture.

I like the biographies section as well. It covers all the better known personalities along with a few personalities whom are often skimmed over or simply not mentioned in a series of lessons about Weimar Germany. It’s a relatively accessible section which is a great reference point for pupils.

The Primary Sources section is also very handy. It covers all of the key areas of a study of Weimar Germany and could prove to be a nice little time saver!

Draw backs?

Well the photocopying bill could be rather large if you make use of all of the resources provided for the lesson plans! Pupils left to their own devices on this site could be easily turned off if they entered the Additional Resources or Readings sections. Whilst they’re great for teachers and full of information that will enhance subject knowledge and pedagogical awareness, most pupils would be rather dismayed at the depth!