The Brandenburg Gate 1930

Weimar and Nazi Germany Blog


Welcome to my new Blog. As the title suggests this site will feature resources for teachers and students following a History course relating to Weimar and / or Nazi Germany. Resources that will feature in the site will be a combination of my own teaching resources, submitted resources and reviews of sites and books that I have found useful.

The Brandenburg Gate 1930

Main features of the site:

– I’ve developing a detailed timeline of Weimar and Nazi Germany. The ‘Today in History’ widget will appear at the top left of the page on any day upon which there is an anniversary noted in this timeline. Hopefully, after a bit more research, this feature will b active on every day of the year.

– Teaching resources. Having taught units relating to Weimar and Nazi Germany for some 16 years I have amassed a large number of resources for use in the classroom. These will be featured on the blog with a short summary of how I’ve used them along with reflections on their effectiveness and, where relevant, any adaptations that may be of use.

– Reviews. There are lots of really good websites, activities, books and films / TV shows that are of use when teaching or learning about Weimar and / or Nazi Germany. I’ll be adding reviews of some of my favourites on a regular basis.

– Requests. I receive quite a lot of requests for ideas through my range of educational websites. Where these are relevant to Teaching and Learning about Weimar or Nazi Germany, I’ll answer them here.

Got any questions, ideas, resources you’d like to showcase or links that you think I ought to be promoting? Please add them as comments on this post or get in touch via the contact form¬†on one of my other sites.