How Did Hitler Become Chancellor of Germany in 1933?

Nazi Germany, Personalities

How Did Hitler Become Chancellor of Germany in 1933? It is probably the most important question in any course on Weimar and Nazi Germany. Understand how Hitler was able to become chancellor and the rest of the course ought to fit into place. Yet comprehending the reasons for his rapid rise is incredibly difficult. Here are a selection of Teaching Resources that I think help to break the issues down for pupils.


As someone who was trained to teach by Ian Dawson it’s probably no surprise that I like using Active History methods. For this key question there is a stand out activity that utilises these techniques. Developed by Ian Luff, this activity makes the key issues clear and is an enjoyable, active and memorable lesson.

For learners who prefer to work independently using computers the online lesson about Hitler’s Rise to Power on schoolhistory.co.uk is a good place to start. It covers the key points and can be easily supplemented with other activities such as these worksheets. An alternative approach could be using a webquest. This one (pdf format) covers Hitler’s rise to power quiet well.

For handy revision tools and sorting exercises about Hitler’s Rise, these resources by Miss Klunder on the TES resource site do the job nicely.

For resources that help to deliver a series of lessons on Hitler’s Rise to Power this pdf from Facing History is worth considering. As with all of their materials it is detailed, accurate and has a variety of activity types included.

Mr Walker has an outline of one of his successful lessons on this topic on his website. it utilises a range of approaches and should enable a pacey and engaging lesson on the topic.

There is also some useful material in the BBC Learning Zone.