Jennifer Teege

My Nazi Grandfather would have shot me

Nazi Germany

BBC News magazine have an intriguing story entitled ‘My Nazi Grandfather would have shot me’ in their 3rd October edition. Outlining the true story of Jennifer Teage’s family background and the grandfather she only recently found out about: Amon Goethe, the commandant of Auschwitz.

Jennifer Teege


I’d love to be able to review this book as the story behind it is one of those personal stories that is usually incredibly gripping. Unfortunately, after half an hour of searching, I can only find a copy of the book in Jennifer’s native German (and my German is nowhere near good enough to warrant a purchase!)

The story is most unusual. As a grown adult Teege knew very little of her family history. Her discovery was by chance. In a library she was drawn to a book entitled, ‘I have to love my father, don’t I?’ Upon flicking through the book she was shocked to see a familar face in the photographs: her mother. Teege took the book home and read it cover to cover. The story was that of her own mother and revealed the torment behind the books title: the ‘father’ was non other than Amon Goethe, the Butcher of Plasnow.

A quick search of the Internet revelas hundreds of articles about Jennifer Teege and her book. The story of her grandfather is quite familiar to many and is covered in part by his portrayal in the film Schindler’s List.

If anybody tracks down a copy of this book in English, please let me know!