Role of the Individual: Joseph Goebbels

Nazi Germany, Personalities

Joseph Goebbels was the Nazi Party’s Minister for Enlightenment and Propaganda. Goebbels work included increasing support for the Nazi Party during the mid to late 1920’s and from the Nazi Party taking power he was in charge of wooing the masses and encouraging support for the regime.


Goebbels in many ways was an unlikely candidate for high office in the Nazi Party. Unlike most senior Nazi’s he had not fought in the First World War; he also did not conform to the stereotypical ideal aryan his own department promoted, as he was club footed and relatively short.

However Goebbels exerted a huge amount of influence within the Nazi State, becoming one of Hitler’s most trusted and loyal allies.

Goebbels excelled at his role as Minister for Enlightenment and Propaganda. His department commissioned colour films, such as Triumph of the Will and Olympia. It organised the mass rallies, controlled newspapers and commissioned dramas, films and books aimed at convincing the German public that Nazi ideas were right.

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